Morpheus Commerce provides solutions to let technology do what it does best. Save you money, reduce your admin and be more productive.

Benefits to your Sales Reps

  • Using the latest technology, Morpheus takes Sales Force Automation into a new era where planning is encouraged, disciplines are driven and information is provided live in a way that enhances professionalism and credibility in trade.
  • With Morpheus we are significantly reducing the physical ‘brief case’. Papers, folders, sales order pads, spreadsheets, physical diaries….they are now all in a single app for your iPad.

  • The administrative load on you as the rep is considerably reduced.

  • The Rep has their daily calls route mapped and planned out for them.

  • More professional in front of the customer.

  • Date range validity, visit sequences and skip visit settings  allows exact scheduling of tasks


Benefits to Head Office

  • More accurate data, instant delivery.

  • Letting your company compete. Ensure that you are giving your sales team and your business the best chance of success

  • Better adherence to Key Accounts deals. Morpheus provides a solution on device specifically around Key Accounts deals.

  • Corporate responsibility, Go Green

  • Up to date Product Pricing changes and information centralized.

Benefits to your Customers

  • The client relationship improves. Morpheus is improving the efficiency and specificity of the order process, compliance checks, key account management, free form audits and more.

  • Customer order tracking and history. We provides insights and ability to easily replicate order.

  • Full visibility of stock on hand. This means you can always keep your promises to customers.

  • Save time with filter options. No need to sift through thousands of products and take up valuable customer time.

  • Full visibility and insight of order status.

  • Discounts will reflect the trading terms discussed with the reps.